Bryan Crabtree, CFP®

Bryan Crabtree, CFP®


The desire to be a financial planner was planted in me at an early age. My parents instilled in me, while very young, the value of hard work. I started my first paper route while in elementary school, and could often be seen in the neighborhood mowing lawns or shoveling driveways. As I earned money, my parents had the foresight to include me in a meeting with their financial advisor. I was convinced to start investing a small amount of my earnings each month. This early start to investing, coupled with the fact that my mother and grandmother also shared my interest in finance, ultimately convinced me that I would eventually like to help others with their financial needs.

After graduating from Wheaton North High School, I attended Illinois Wesleyan University where I majored in business administration with a minor in risk management and financial services. I played basketball for the Titans where we were fortunate enough to make two NCAA Division III Final Four appearances, which culminated in a National Championship my senior year. After graduating from Illinois Wesleyan, I was invited to compete with an All-Star team touring in Europe. Aside from playing against several professional basketball clubs, it allowed me to interact with a diverse group of people and see a variety of different cultures. I enjoyed the trip so much that I decided to put my financial planning career on hold for a shot at playing professional basketball. What I thought was going to be a one- or two-year experience turned out to be a seven-year career that took me to the Czech Republic, Germany, France, Italy, and Portugal. Along the journey, my wife, Jenna, and I were able to live in some incredible places, develop lifelong friendships, and gain a different perspective on the world. We now reside in Normal and have three beautiful daughters, two of whom were born in Portugal.

With the ultimate goal of becoming a financial advisor in mind, I spent much of the last part of my basketball career studying to obtain my CFP® certification. I became the team nerd, as I was often seen studying on the bus during our road trips! In 2004, shortly after our middle daughter, Adriana, was born in Lisbon, we moved back to the United States for good.

I started the next phase of my career with Edward Jones, the old-fashioned way, knocking on doors. Although this is an experience I would not like to relive, I am constantly reminded of the great relationships that were formed by those initial conversations. To this day, one of the things I most enjoy about my job is the friendships I have developed over the years.

In 2009, after researching multiple independent broker-dealers, I decided to join Commonwealth Financial Network® and open Crabtree Financial Group, LLC. It was the best decision I could have made. As an independent advisor, I am free to select from a wide variety of investment and insurance products in order to meet the needs of my clients. I work with an amazing staff, all of whom are focused on doing whatever it takes to help our clients.

In my spare time, I enjoy coaching soccer and basketball, playing golf, and attending my kids’ various activities.